Thursday, April 9, 2009

Music Video Assignment

After getting the basics of camera operations down, I enhanced my scope with the Music Video assignment. I took full advantage of the editing software, Final Cut Pro, to make sure the actual video fit the beat of the music. It was a challenging task. I decided to use Jamie Cullum's recording of "Twenty Something" as the basis for recording my video. I like this assignment the best as it allowed me to be more abstract and creative. In other words, I got to perform more risks artistically as long I would be able to explain them. In addition to the video itself, I had to turn in a packet explaining my target audience, statement of purpose, and editing lists.

Public Service Announcement

Ladies and Gents...The Public Service Announcement assignment. To accomplish the most out of this project, I utilized the help of a fellow student, Daniel Simon. In this assignment, I shed light on parents taking action on what their children watch on television. Although kind of humorous, it represents a REAL issue. 
Take a look at the different angle shots used in this video. We tried to create a variety of perspectives using more than just zoom. This was also my first time superimposing text into the video itself. Of course, I had to include the packet of editing, target audience, and statement of purpose materials.